Do you want to transform yourself?

I know what I need to do … but I just can’t seem to do it.
There is something missing … but I can’t put my finger on it.
I feel like I have something to offer …
I am already successful … but there’s something stopping me

If this feels like you, transformational coaching can help you make the changes you want in your life.

John Needham photo

John has worked with people in many different situations, including:

Entrepreneurial blocks
Chronic pain
Worrying medical diagnosis
Life-limiting patterns of thought
COVID-related anxiety
Issues around money
Falling out with friends / family
Unwelcome parental influence
An over-giving nature
Procrastination (see the ‘tea’ example below)

John is a problem solver. His job is to get to the heart of the issue and help you transform your thinking around it.

Can transformational coaching be useful if my issue of concern is not severe?

Definitely.  Seemingly ‘small’ issues can sometimes be linked to ‘big’ events that occurred previously and which have changed your mindset in a way that blocks you from changing.

For example, a client complained of losing time at work because he was making too many cups of tea, but couldn’t stop this habit. This was a seemingly ‘small’ issue which we eventually traced back to him offering to make a cup of tea for his parents, as an escape route, just after they told him they were separating.  This was a ‘big’ event. 

Years later, whenever he was faced with a slightly difficult issue to resolve, he could not help but use the strategy he had come up with of taking time out to make a cup of tea, which he considered
to be procrastination and time-wasting. Needless to say, when John helped the client to resolve this issue he made sure the client still remained hydrated throughout the day!

P.S. Permission obtained to quote this example

Would you like work on an issue that may have arisen recently or have been troubling you for years?

In this YouTube video, Dr Peta Stapleton explains how to do Tapping / EFT.  Dr Stapleton has 25 years experience as a registered Clinical and Health Psychologist and is currently an Associate Professor in Psychology at Bond University (Australia).  She has lead world-first randomized clinical trials investigating the effectiveness of EFT.


In this video John describes the EFT Tapping process in slides so that viewers can pause the video and read the instructions.